Wednesday, July 30

The Mockingjay Lives

Remember my last post about President Snow's Panem Address? Well you can view it here in case you have not seen it. Now, you can see both Peeta and Joanna standing tall like marionettes as President Snow delivers his usual address. 

But no, you will see more than the usual. Click to watch.

And as a double feature, here is the Official Teaser trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 coming in cinemas near you!

Thursday, July 24

Trailer: Fifty Shades of Grey

I have not read the book yet I know a few who have been obsessed with the trilogy. Here is the official trailer of the most awaited Fifty Shades of Grey.

Well? Thoughts?

Saturday, July 19

Flavors by Tanny

This post is super delayed. Sorry, been awfully busy. Flavors By Tanny restaurant offers local and international dishes, with its executive chef’s own interpretations. Using only fresh produce from the owner's farm, you can expect nothing less than fresh.

The Food

Spring Roll - Awesome mix of vegetables: corn, carrots and celery. It's unbelievably vegetarian which is the exact opposite of how it tastes like. A serving costs Php110.

Tanny's Organic Salad - A serving costs Php180. Made with the freshest produce: tomato, lettuce, alfalfa, crunchy arugula with one of my latest favorite salad dressing: Spicy Cod Roe on Balsamic Reduction.

"Pho" Chero - Beef shank or pochero with Vietnamese rice noodles softly falls off the bone beef with alfalfa. A great play on texture, crunchy with soft meat and hot soup.

Truffle Carbonara - Serves 2  people at only Php220. It was really good because the pasta was cooked just right. Mushroom sauce with bacon bits and of course fresh basil leaves. The toast made just right with the subtle taste of garlic.

Kaldereta - Tender and flavorful meat cuts cooked slow and oh so good. I could not stop actually. It was that good. I had to stop myself from having second round of rice.
Chichaprawn - Sold at only Php190 for 6 pieces. Prawns breaded with not your usual breadcrumbs as they use the best idea EVER - CHICHARON! Yes, pork rinds! WHAAAAAT?! Yes! I had the same exact reaction! 

And finally, the Steak. Steak with a side of mashed potatoes and buttered corn and carrots. USDA tenderloin that feeds about 3-4 people at Php990. Best if medium rare, meat that melts in your tongue. The mash was heavenly, creamy, smooth and buttery.

Every dish is carefully created by the chef and owner himself, Stan Tanchan. A wonderful place to spend time with the family. Cozy, upscale and an affordable family dining experience.

Flavors by Tanny
Located under Choobi Choobi Restaurant in Parkmall Mandaue
Contact: 032-42208686

Friday, July 18

Aida's Chicken

Any trip in Bacolod includes a short side trip to Manokan Country. Fret not, Manokan Country is not an entire country in itself. It is a designated area where nothing else is sold in one strip except barbecued chicken. Not really all chicken, but hey, they have oysters and fresh at that. I came here for the chicken and for Aida's chicken only.

The place seats about 60 people at one time. Well ventilated and properly spaced from the next table. I loved the fact that the place is well kept and maintained pretty well. We decided to sit in the middle of the whole establish and fun fact, they were the only place that's packed. The next establishment barely had anyone eating there. That speaks volumes.

Aida's was a short walk from downtown, barely 10 minutes away. Specifically located across SM Bacolod, you will not miss it. Check out their menu up top. I decided to have the leg part cause that's my favorite and the gizzard - my go to barbecue option. For the rice, garlic please. You may have notice that they do not offer the puso or hanging rice. I guess it is only available in Cebu.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, food is served. It was really tasty, I noticed that the chicken was not marinaded at all. There's something magical at how they kept the chicken moist and tender. Sometimes, simple is best. And this was the epitome of it all. Juicy, flavorful at every bite. 

Let's not forget the powerhouse that is the rice. The serving was rather enough for one but it was too good not to add extra. I was so happy to select the garlic variant as it was a great pair with the chicken. The chicken oil was too die for! Who created this ethereal cholesterol heart pumping potion? He/she deserves a damn medal! If I had to drown myself with any condiment/potion or what not? Gravy would be second best to chicken oil!

Aida's Chicken
Located in Manokan Country
Across SM Bacolod

Wednesday, July 9

Krispy Kreme's 77th Birthday Offer

77years, KK, krispy kreme deals
Celebrating 77 years of adding sweetness to our everyday Krispy Kreme launches it's latest offer. A box of half dozen Original Glazed at only Php77! 

All you have to do is print or screen grab this voucher on your Facebook or Instagram account. For Twitter, use #JoyInABox and present to the cashier. 

Valid for two (2) boxes per fan at all stores nationwide except at these kiosks NAIA Terminal 3, SM MOA Arena, SM Marilao, SM Taytay, SM Marikina, BF Resorts, The Block, Harbour Point, Sta Lucia, Robinson's Place Forum, SM Sucat, SM Annex Fairvew and BHS Cinema. Share this to our friends now!

Offer is valid on July 14, 2014 from opening to 7PM only. :)