Monday, October 20

Jafar's Shawarma Station

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I am a fan of shawarma. I remember back in my grade school days that I would beg my mom to buy me one from my school's canteen. That was when Funwich was the choice dessert and shawarma the main course of every kid's menu. I barely remember how much that cost, all I know is that I love the crunchiness of the white onions, the savory spicy sauce and the tender beef colliding in my mouth as angels sang in the heavens. Yes, I was a bit dramatic even way back! 

Fast forward to today, I have had my share of shawarma from a few places here in Cebu. And since taste is merely a subjective issue, I could say that I only have 1 favorite shop until a game changer changed everything. 

Oh Jafar, Jafar!

How could you be so sinful? 
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Succulent Angus Beef, sweet and tangy yogurt sauce mixed with the freshest ingredients of slices cabbage, onions, cucumber and tomatoes.

Wrap or rice? Either way is totally indulgent that you can't help but feel a bit guilty after devouring it! Serving behemoth shawarma rice and chunky wraps, this my friends is a sin worth committing for.

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You get to select your meat for the carnivore and of course a lean version for the vegans as they have chickpeas available. The Angus beef is my all time favorite! Yes, it is a tad bit expensive than that of the usual places but it certainly is worth every cent.

Jafar's Menu, Jafar's Shawarma Station Menu, FTW! blog, #032eatdrink , cebu foodsceneThe Shawarma Rice serving is enough to serve 2 people. Don't fret if you have a low chili tolerance, you can inform the staff about the sauce. They have mild, average and spicy. I opted for the spicy once and regretted it forever. I prefer the average to kickoff your taste buds without overpowering the entire meal.

Mind you, I am not the only one loving this place. Expect a wait time and even standing queues as patrons head out to eat early dinner until closing time. I prefer the Banilad Town Center branch as it is closest to me and buy myself a cold drink while waiting for my order to be ready.

They also have a branch in Rustans in the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu. Expect to get your order in 10-15 minutes tops. Shoppers and curious onlookers crowd the area almost anytime of the day. Patience is a virtue and trust me all that queue and waiting is worth it!

Jafar's Shawarma Station
Banilad Town Center
Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City
Contact Number: 0936 900 5747
Hours of Operations: 10AM - 9PM Sun-Thur while 10AM - 12MN Fri-Sat

Saturday, October 18

OLX Cebu Media Launch

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OLX philippines Head of Operations Arianne David and anaging Director RJ David
I personally prefer selling and buying items online. I purchased a few personal items without having to go to the mall. Fast, efficient and reliable in a click of a mouse.

I am certain you have heard of OLX which also is a clipped term for OnLine Xchange. Rebranded from on March 2014, OLX has been online for almost 7 months now.

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What sets OLX apart from the other online buy and sell avenues is that they offer a good tool for first timers, the Yaman Calculator. The online tool helps you calculate how much wealth you have just collecting dust at home.

Yaman - is the Filipino term for wealth.

OLX Philippines offers a fast and easy way for Filipinos to sell their secondhand items online. It is the Philippines' largest marketplace for buying and selling items of all kinds, such as mobile phones, cameras, bicycles, musical instruments and more! It is available on the web at or on the OLX app on Android and iOS phones.

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The OLX Yaman Calculator is free to use.

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OLX Yaman Calculator categories

Here's how to use it and how much I would get if I decide to sell my SLR camera. Imagine how much money you can get with your old game consoles, unused appliances, even your preloved mint condition graphic novels. Yes, you can sell them. Do yourself a favor and free up some space and get wealthy while doing so. Check the calculator here: OLX Yaman Calculator and decide which ones to sell, keep and donate. 

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RJ David and Cebu Sr. Marketing Manager Regina Aguilar at the Media Launch
Vispop 2013 Champion Jewel Villaflores jammed with us for the OLX Cebu Yesss, Yaman jingle. The song is too catchy not be your latest LSS!